Express yourself accordingly. Many are consumed and absorbed into a
superficial outlook on life thanks to the fictional lives the media portrays on TV.
Gimmicks are constantly used to lure your attention and grasp your mind, turning
you into a consumer that will benefit large corporations who often resort to slave
labor in order to increase profits. Don't follow trends and fads, be yourself without
compromise. Our fashion represents the realities in our daily surroundings.
At High Limit, we represent a lifestyle of educated urban philosophers. In today’s
environment our senses are being overloaded with the consistent bombardments
of advertisements and infomercials. Most are about schemes and gimmicks trying to
get into your pocket books. The main outlets providing this successful platform are
the radio and television. Actors are paid to give positive reviews about products
during commercial breaks. Magazines also Photoshop every picture, altering our
perceived perception of reality and making such physical features impossible
to reach. At High Limit we keep it truthful and real, no need to act. The freedom to
express ourselves plays a vital role in representing who we are. The constant flow of
information has paved the way for a new generation to unite and continue the fight
against discrimination and miscarriages of justice. We invite you to venture with High
Limit into the future with an open minded and tolerant view upon the world. We must
lead by example and demonstrate to the youth how to carry out the revolution of
education and critical thinking. The illusion that Money will rid all of your problems
is a western fantasy that many have succumbed to. The reality is that even our
great nation is largely indebted to the world. We have been encouraged to
become huge spenders and are often enticed with coupons and discounts for items
made in third world countries by slave labor. Credit is offered to uneducated
people who haven’t got a clue about interest rates and decline to read any
fine print. We must invest into our communities and educate the masses.


High Limit's roots began in Anaheim, CA where Michael Anthony was born into
a family of hardworking immigrants who envisioned a better future. The simple rule
of treating others the way you wanted to be treated was embedded into the young
mind of Michael. He was drawn into art where he was able to let his imagination
convert his ideas into drawings and paintings. He enrolled into art classes where
he would establish the necessary knowledge to improve his skills. After many years
of time and dedication, Michael decided to transfer his drawings onto T-shirts. The
idea of starting a clothing company was quite attractive to the young entrepreneur
who invested money into a few blank T's to produce samples. Soon enough
High Limit was gaining momentum in the underground clothing scene. By keeping
the artistic aspect alive, Michael ensures to make every T-shirt that is labeled with
High Limit trademark. Every product represents a premium lifestyle for those
who think out of the box. Music ranging from punk rock to hip hop has influenced
the brand. It is also proudly made in the United States of America.
Homegrown in Orange County, CA.

High Limit Clothing Co. Est. 1983. All Rights Reserved 2014.